About Us


Senekan Ltd. was founded in 2009.

Senekan serves as an engineering and production partner to its clients for solving their technical challenges within various industries, with automotive being the foremost among them.

Our purpose is to meet their expectations by delivering highest quality innovative products and services within an affordable price range.

Thanks to our wide-ranging experience and far-reaching operational capabilities in emerging markets, we can provide efficient and effective services.

Our activities are focused on the provision and delivery of specialized engineering services & development management in automotive industry.

As unaffiliated experts, our service portfolio includes development, product supply, integration and consulting, providing complete work packages, supplying low-volume components & raw materials.

As Senekan, our goal is to drive sustainable growth. We are aware that an engaged and competent workforce is fundamental for reaching that goal.

Our culture

We believe in sustainable expertise and know-how. We follow the developments in our field and constantly renovate ourselves.  That’s how we create the best solution for our customers to reach their business targets. Thanks to our approach of service based on excellence, we do not compromise on quality and business standards. We are following standard business practices, but this is not an obstacle for us to employ a flexible approach when necessary.

Our priority is respect for people, environment and law. Having a reputation as a firm grounded on ethics, trust and integrity is as important for us as our business results.